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Ross Wakelin

Character Profile For – Ross Wakelin (Cut Throat)

Age – 27
Height – 6’2”
Build – Lean & athletic
Hair – Dark brown
Eyes – Brown
Nationality – American

Occupation – Showjumping rider

General Description – Lean and fit. Tanned and good-looking in a gypsyish sort of way. Ross limps due to an incompletely healed injury to his left knee, sustained in a horrific fall whilst showjumping in the USA. This happens before the story begins but becomes more troublesome as his workload increases. When not riding he habitually wears Levi jeans, a cotton shirt and cowboy boots. He also has a leather jacket, oiled cotton stockman’s coat and a wide-brimmed Australian style bush hat.

Nature/Temperament – Ross is a natural and sympathetic horseman with almost legendary “stickability” in the saddle. He has strong inner confidence that is tested to the limits in Cut Throat as everything and everyone seems to turn against him and he even begins to doubt himself. Although he has a good, if dry, sense of humour, he is a little hot tempered at times and can be sarcastic.

Lives – After moving to England, he lives in one of two flats upstairs in a converted coach house at the Oakley Manor yard, which is situated on the Hampshire/Wiltshire borders, not far from Salisbury.

Drives – A battered, second-hand jeep

Family – His parents live in the USA where his father is a lawyer and his mother a socialite.

Romantic Connections – Ross falls in love with Lindsay Cresswell (blonde, shoulder length bob, grey-blue eyes, classical features) who is the niece of his English employer, Colonel Preston. Unfortunately, Lindsay is already engaged to her childhood sweetheart, James, the son of a business tycoon, so he keeps his feelings to himself.

Animals – Ross is adopted by a German Shepherd Dog who escapes from a local farm where he’s kept chained up, day and night. Ross buys the dog to make it legal but never gives it a name.

Background – Ross is born in the USA, and from the age of 12 is sent away to school. He spends the holidays with an uncle who is a horse dealer based in Indiana. This uncle (the brother of Ross’ father) was of the old school of horse trainers and taught Ross to ride the tough way. Ross tells Colonel Preston “He believed falling off was the best way to learn how to stay on.” Ross made a name for himself sorting out difficult horses. While at college, he started riding jumpers for people and later, after starting law school, he took a year out to ride for a competition yard. One thing led to another, and eventually he went onto the showjumping circuit, touring with a string of horses, which is where he met Lindsay. Just as it seemed as though his career was really taking off, he was involved in an accident that left him hospitalised for many weeks. Although he returned to showjumping, he split with his former boss, who in revenge, started the rumour that Ross had lost his nerve as a result of which, no one wanted to take him on. In the end, bitter and depressed, Ross heads to his mother’s Florida beach house and hits the bottle, which is where Cut Throat begins…