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Matt Shepherd

Character Profile For – Matt Shepherd (Murder in Mind)

Age – 26
Height – 5’9”
Build – Athletic.
Hair – Short, mid-brown.
Eyes – Hazel brown.
Nationality – English.

Occupation – National Hunt jockey (racing over hurdles and fences).

General Description – Attractive rather than handsome, Matt has a lean face with a slightly bent nose and a generous mouth which gives him a wide smile. Extremely fit, as is necessary for his profession, he is lean but fairly well muscled. He is educated and well spoken.

Nature/Temperament – Calm, at least on the surface, which has earned him the nickname Eskimo Joe (Mojo), he’s very determined, loyal and principled.

Lives – Spinney Cottage, Norton Peverill, Somerset. A stone cottage he bought three years ago and is renovating. He has shared it for the past few months with fiancé, Kendra Brewer (slim, fine-boned features, hazel eyes and elbow length hair of pale gold). They also have a part-time lodger in the shape of Matt’s friend and fellow jockey, Irishman Jamie Mullin.

Drives – Toyota MR2

Family – Parents and elder brother, Luke, living and working in New Zealand for family company, Q&S Holdings International

Romantic Connections – Engaged to Kendra Brewer, the 21 yr old daughter of the man who owns many of the horses he rides and the yard where he is stable jockey.

Animals – Matt is a dog lover who has a German Shepherd bitch called Sky, and two collie x dogs called Rocko & Patches, adopted from a local rescue centre. There is a
fourth dog in the house – a little Shetland sheepdog bitch called Taffy, who belongs to Kendra. Matt also has a couple of thoroughbred yearlings.

Background – Sent from New Zealand to an English boarding school, Matt only ever wanted to be a jockey and ran away, aged 16, to the racing yard of Doogie McKenzie, who took him on as an apprentice. Combining riding with day-release to college, Matt managed to obtain decent qualifications, but any thought of returning to work for his family company was put aside as his career took off. In due course, Matt moved to a bigger yard at Rockfield Farm, owned by businessman, Charlie Brewer and there met his daughter Kendra.
Charlie is accustomed to controlling his family and employees, but finds that Matt is a different proposition. Over time, they settle into a relationship based on a reluctant mutual respect, but then Sophie Bradford is killed and Matt’s friend Jamie is the main suspect. As Matt tries to help Jamie, Charlie makes it clear that, in his view, Matt’s first and only allegiance should be to him, his yard and his horses…