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Linc Tremayne

Character Profile For – Linc Tremayne (Deadfall)

Age – 29
Height – 5’11”
Build – Lean & muscular
Hair – Mid brown, short
Eyes – Grey-green
Nationality – English

Occupation – Heir to a Viscountcy and the Farthingscourt Estate, for which at present he is the Estate Manager.

General Description – In the likeness to the painting of his ancestor he is described as “if not exactly handsome, his features were at least regular and strong enough to be considered good-looking.” Wears jeans etc on estate work but can look extremely smart when the occasion demands.

Nature/Temperament – Fairly placid by nature. He has learned tact and restraint through dealings with his father, but those who are deceived into thinking he might be a pushover are quite wrong – he is very strong-willed and focussed.

Lives – In an attic apartment of Farthingscourt, a stately home in the Cranborne Chase in Dorset.

Drives – A Morgan Plus Eight, and various estate vehicles.

Family – Father – Sylvester, the Eighth Viscount Tremayne, with whom his relationship is strained, and younger brother Crispin.

Romantic Connections – None at the outset, but then meets Josie Hathaway (tall, slim, golden tanned flawless skin and long brown hair) to whom he eventually becomes engaged.

Animals – A horse called Noddy’s Friend. Known as Noddy, he’s a brown gelding that Linc hopes will be a top three-day-eventer.

Background – Linc has had a privileged upbringing at Farthingscourt, surrounded by horses and ponies until, at the age of twelve, his mother is killed in a three-day-eventing accident and his father, stricken with grief, bans all horses from the estate. Linc loves riding and is determined to continue, which he does by sneaking rides on friends’ horses. After studying business management at university, Linc hopes to be given the soon to be vacant position of Estate Manager, but his father doesn’t feel he is ready for it and gives the job to a older man. Twenty-two and feeling hurt, Linc packs his bags and leaves. After two years working in an eventing yard and buying his own horse, Linc gets a job as an assistant estate manager on another estate, where he stays for the best part of five years. On one of his infrequent trips home, he takes a girlfriend with him – a girl called Nikki, who his brother Crispin subsequently marries. As DF opens, Linc is finally working as manager of the Farthingscourt Estate and keeping his horse with friends in a nearby village. On a late visit to the stables one April evening, he finds one of the teenage daughters of the owner unconscious on the tackroom floor…