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Gideon Blake

Character Profile For – Gideon Blake (Blindfold, Time To Pay)

Age – 34 (at start of BF) 37 in TTP
Height – 6’4”
Build – Broad but not heavy. Athletic.
Hair – Long, bleached blond on top, darker underneath. In TTP described as collar length
Eyes – Grey-green
Nationality – English

Occupation – Gideon is a portrait artist, specialising in animals but a very strong affinity with animals has earned him something of a reputation as a behaviourist and this has become his primary income. His talent for communication with animals borders upon telepathic and Pippa calls him the “witchdoctor”.

General Description – “Strong, regular features; pleasant enough, if not film star material.” (Taken from BF) Wears jeans, boots, leather jacket, etc

Nature/Temperament – Very laid back on the surface but tough and determined underneath. Honest to a fault and a gentleman, he has a wry sense of humour.

Lives – In the Gatehouse to Graylings Priory, a sixteenth century manor house on the edge of the Cranborne Chase in Dorset. His landlord is his old university friend, Giles Barrington-Carr.

Drives – In BF, Gideon rides a 1966 Norton Commando. In TTP he drives a old-style Land Rover

Family – Mother is an artist, living in Sussex. Father a renowned anthropologist who spends much of his time abroad. Sister, Naomi is a dancer living, as Blindfold opens, with her boyfriend Tim Reynolds – a vet running an animal sanctuary in Dorset.

Romantic Connections – In BF, he comes to realise that he is falling in love with his long-time friend, Pippa Barrington-Carr (tall, well-built, hazel eyes & a mop of short unruly curls – auburn then blonde in BF, light brown in TTP) sister of his best friend and landlord, Giles. In TTP he is having a relaxed affair with exotic beauty, Eve Kirkpatrick (6’0” tall, olive skin, long wavy black hair) a rich art gallery owner.

Animals – In BF – Elsa, an Abyssinian cat and the use of a temperamental horse called Blackbird whose ownership has come to Pippa by default due to non-payment of training/livery fees. In TTP he also has Zebedee, an exuberant young Lab X, given to him by Pippa at the end of BF.

Background – Gideon and his sister were brought up by their mother in Sussex. His father had, on occasion, taken the teenage Gideon with him on research trips to remote places but more often he stayed at home and, as Gideon tells Pippa, the family once went more than a year without seeing Professor Blake. After becoming firm friends with Giles at University and spending holidays at Graylings Priory, Gideon doesn’t see him again until he meets him, by accident, at Salisbury races. Gideon is there to see a customer about a commission to paint a racehorse, and finding that he is at that moment, homeless, Giles offers him the use of the Priory’s gatehouse. Life is uncomplicated until one night in February when two men have broken into the gatehouse and are waiting for him to return…