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Daniel Whelan

Character Profile For – Daniel Whelan

Age – 28+
Height – 6’0”
Build – Athletic.
Hair – Brown, Wavy
Eyes – Brown
Nationality – English

Occupation – Ex-police dog handler, now a freelance investigator.

General Description – Good-looking with lean features and a wide-ish mouth but recent events have left their mark and his expression has become typically somewhat sombre.

Nature/Temperament – Daniel is essentially a practical person who thinks before he acts, a trait his police training has reinforced. He doesn’t form close bonds easily but once he has, he is fiercely loyal and becomes deeply, emotionally involved. He enjoys the buzz of action and misses it now his career has been cut short. Daniel’s Achilles heel is a fear of heights.

Lives – At present, renting a flat above a disused lawnmower showroom/repair shop in a lane off the Tavistock to Launceston road in Devon, but moves to wherever the work is.

Drives – A scruffy, ageing Mercedes estate.

Family – Daniel is separated from his wife, Amanda, and consequently also from his young son Drew. As the series starts, he and Amanda are going through a divorce.

Romantic Connections – Daniel has been scarred by his acrimonious split with Amanda, and it has made him a little wary of commitment.

Animals – Taz, a police-trained German Shepherd, who was his partner on the force until he had to take early retirement through injury. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise when Daniel himself was also forced to leave the dog unit, as he and Taz would otherwise have been split up and the dog reassigned to another handler.

Background – Daniel had a country upbringing and rode friends’ ponies from an early age. His father, who was also a police officer, was often absent and finally left the family when Daniel was 8yrs old. Daniel never saw him again.