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Ben Copperfield

Character Profile For – Ben Copperfield (Outside Chance)

Age – 32
Height – 6’1”
Build – Fairly lean
Hair – Mid brown, short & a little spiky. It curls if allowed to grow.
Eyes – Grey-green
Nationality – English

Occupation – He is a freelance journalist, specialising in matters equine.

General Description – Ben is tall and lean. He has a pleasant face with a wide smile and often wears slight designer stubble. Normal casual dress; jeans, jumper, leather or fleece jacket, etc

Nature/Temperament – Ben is a fairly impulsive character with a tendency to wade into risky situations where more prudent souls might hang back. This has been a definite plus in his career. In his dealings with people he has an innate honesty and a conscience, which is not always convenient in his work.

Lives – Dairy Cottage. Part of a complex of rented-out converted outbuildings arranged around a courtyard in the grounds of a big farmhouse. His landlord is Mike, a mountain of a man who’s rumoured to be ex-SAS

Drives – 4×4 Mitsubishi

Family – His twin, Alan, died in an accident when Ben was fourteen and his parents divorced less than a year later. He has little contact with his father, John, but is very close to his half brother, Mikey, who is a jockey and whose slight learning difficulties make him a little vulnerable.

Romantic Connections – Live-in girlfriend, Lisa Nelson (“on the rounded side of slim”, shoulder-length, dark blonde hair, blue eyes and “a dazzlingly sweet smile”) with whom he has a loving but rather casual relationship. She would like more commitment but is scared to say so, in case she loses what they have.

Animals – Ben has a smallish, grey, whippet x Bedlington lurcher called Mouse. She likes her creature comforts and looks after No 1 when danger threatens.

Background – Twins, Ben and Alan, were the sons of horse dealer John Copperfield and his wife. The boys would help to school the horses and then compete on them to showcase them for sale. The accident that killed Alan has left Ben with psychological issues where horses are concerned but he still finds himself drawn to be around them, if not actually in contact. At age sixteen, Ben left home and went to France where he finds work in a vineyard. Two more years travelling and then he returns to take up his schooling again, finishing off by going to university. After graduating he started a career as a reporter, working for various publications before going freelance. Some investigative journalism led him to uncover a betting scandal, earning him a good reputation, so when the Cheltenham Gold Cup favourite is kidnapped, and he learns of it through his half-brother, Mikey, Ben sets about trying to track the horse down…