Horse Thrillers

Cut Throat

Cut ThroatJealousy and greed form a deadly alliance in the highly charged world of international showjumping.

Ross Wakelin, a talented American rider with a chequered past, has come to England hoping for a fresh start. But soon after he arrives at Oakley Manor yard he learns that all is not as it seems. Bellboy, a winner of the Hickstead Derby was recently found in his stable with a cut throat – and his violent death marks the beginning of a cruel vendetta.

Ross is drawn into a deadly spiral of threatening events and finds himself at the heart of the terrifying campaign. Now, with more than just his career at stake, he must uncover the secrets of Oakley Manor. But as he begins to close in on the truth, he finds that someone is prepared to go to any lengths to destroy him, and knows exactly where to strike.


Blindfold‘The blindfold was a major hindrance. So much depended on body language with animals…without it, it felt uncomfortably like a game of Russian roulette.’

Gideon Blake, artist and animal behaviourist, is used to dealing with distressed and unpredictable animals. But one night he is faced with the challenge of his life. Abducted from his home, handcuffed and blindfolded, Gideon is inexplicably forced by his violent captors to catch a dangerous and highly strung stallion.

Bewildered by the events of that night, Gideon ignores his abductors’ threats to stay silent and resolves to find out who was behind this seemingly irrational act. But a chance encounter leads to a shocking discovery, one that brings the devastating realisation that danger lies very close to home…


DeadfallLincoln Tremayne, heir to a viscountcy and manager of his father’s Dorset estate, has one burning ambition – to be selected to ride in the British Olympic three day eventing team. But his dream is about to be put on hold. A vicious attack on the stable owner’s daughter marks the start of a chain of increasingly violent events and it soon becomes chillingly clear that someone is trying to kill him. Now, the race is on to find out who, before they succeed…

Outside Chance

Outside ChanceBen Copperfield is a freelance journalist who specialises in all things equine, so when he is called with the news that the hot favourite for the Cheltenham Gold Cup has been kidnapped, just a few weeks before the race, he wastes no time in following the story up. This could be the racing scoop of a lifetime.

But as the date of the Gold Cup draws ever closer, it is unclear whether the missing horse is still alive. Where could a valuable racehorse be hidden for so long? And what is the secret from the owner’s past that he is keeping from the police? Doggedly chasing the truth, Ben finds himself tested, both physically and psychologically, as he gradually uncovers a tale of prejudice, ambition and heartbreak.

Time To Pay

Time To PayDamien Daniels has been murdered; shot out of the saddle by an expert marksman while exercising his horse. It looks like a professional job, but who would want to kill a popular ex-jockey who trains racehorses for a living?

Animal behaviourist Gideon Blake witnesses the shooting and is able to provide information that leads to an arrest, however, many questions remain unanswered. Do a series of mysterious break-ins have any bearing on the case? What is the significance of the cryptic list found amongst the dead man’s things?

Gideon soon finds himself drawn deeper into the mystery and before long a dark and terrible conspiracy comes to light which threatens to destroy the lives of those closest to him.

Murder In Mind

Murder In Mind Sophie Bradford is pretty, blonde and an accomplished flirt. When her body is found dumped in a ditch on a lonely West Country road, Jamie Mullin is the prime suspect. He was her latest boyfriend and they’d had a very public row just before she disappeared.

Jamie protests his innocence but soon spirals into a breakdown fuelled by frustration, self-pity and drink and it is left to his friend Matt Shepherd to fight his corner. Can he find the truth behind what appears to be a motiveless murder?

As Matt begins to uncover some dark secrets – secrets that someone will kill to protect – he soon learns that loyalty at all costs carries a lethal price.